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Starting from the year one thousand, from all over Europe pilgrims, merchants and clergymen would set off on a pilgrimage to visit the tomb of the apostles in Rome and some would even venture as far as the Holy Land, whilst others would travel west to the city of Santiago de Campostela and its shrine for the apostle James. The pilgrimage to Santiago had a special meaning at that time since it was believed that that was where the earth ended.

One of the earliest itineraries for pilgrims is the one described in a travel journal by Archbishop Sigerico of Canterbury in the years 990-994 and which was known as Via Francigena or Via Romea, names which indicated the beginning and end of the path, respectively. The section of the Via Francigena that passes through Tuscany and the Emilia region was the most widely used and the easiest to travel along for centuries, a bridge between Christianity and ‘mittel Europe’.

Of this Tuscan-Emilian section we advise visitors to travel in the territory of the province of Parma, From two different starting points, Fidenza and San Pancrazio, the Via Francigena joins up at the town of Fornovo di Taro, then moves to the Apennine mountain pass ‘la Cisa’ and continues along the Lunigiana area moving to the Tyrrhenian coast.

When travelling along this ancient pathway today, you can relive the mysterious emotions of a different age, visit important monuments of Romanesque architecture, and at the same time admire works of art, monuments and sites which have enriched this land over the years.

The entire pathway has been suitably equipped with street signs and suitable ‘path markers’ by the Provincial Administration in the sections that can be covered on foot or on horseback. Nevertheless, all the places can also be easily reached by car. The Provincial Administration has also published several works which provide more detailed information on the subject.

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