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An author’s itinerary between places, history and suggestions passing through the Bassa parmense (a north part of Padana plain, situated between Po river on north and Via Emilia on south, and delimited on the west side by Ongina river and on the east side by Enza river).
The Bassa is Giovannino Guareschi’s homeland (he is native from Fontanelle), the inventor of Don Camillo and Peppone who has set his “Mondo piccolo” right there. “In that stripe of land between Po and Appennino”, it is possible to make an itinerary visiting Guareschi’s palces in view of the hundred anniversary birth celebration in 2008.

Who is Giovannino Guareschi?
Writer and journalist, born in Fontanelle of Roccabianca in 1908, Cesare Zavattini’s friend, Corriere Emiliano’s editor and then weekly comic newspaper Bertoldo’s editor (1936-1943), Guareschi began his career as a political satire illustrator. Editor of weekly newspaper Candido (1945-1957), he became then famous as a novelist and comic short stories writer, especially with don Camillo’s series, a hard-fighting priest from Bassa parmense, anticommunist, whose opponent-friend Peppone is the major of the village. From the character’s adventures, grouped at different times and translated all around the world, it has been drawn a film in series of a great success interpreted by Fernandel and Gino Cervi. To get to know this character better there is a possibility to visit: the anthological exhibition, desired and realised by Guareschi’s sons, at Roncole Verdi, the Centro of Boscaccio in Diolo of Soragna, and it is also possible to follow an itinerary in the Bassa in discovery of his places.  

The author’s itinerary in the Mondo Piccolo
An “author’s setting”, where the villages are fully integrated among the typical padana nature, and that is vividly outlined, in colours, in mood, in contexts and in Giovannino Guareschi’s novel characters. Thanks to a new mapped guide (in Italian and English), made by Provincia of Parma, it is possible to follow a real itinerary that reflects itself in Giovannino Guareschi’s imaginary. An itinerary in the Bassa Parmense that at each stop associates an author’s picture and a brief writer’s quotation taken from his short stories. The itinerary is enriched by a detailed territory map, where some interesting sites are pointed out such as: castles, Verdi’s sites, bicycle paths, and bicycle’s hiring sites.  
By 2008, every site will be also provided with figures, more precisely with Guareschi’s characters immerged in the landscape: a real installations which function will be to characterise the itinerary, that a visitor shall have to look for and discover on the site in order to understand the famous “Mondo piccolo”. And the most “ecological” way to face the trip, the one that is closest to the characters of his books, could not be other than, in the saddle of the bicycle , on the bicycle paths that connect the most striking sites of “Mondo piccolo” from the Po’s bank to the native house of Fontanelle, up till the  Twenty-three Club of Roncole Verdi.

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